At the age of 11, I found my home in the kitchen, cooking for my 5 siblings and parents after my mom had a major surgical intervention. This became an opportunity, as my foundation and love for being in the kitchen was formed.

Cooking my way through Iona College, I majored in Accounting. I interned and landed a job at one of the top 4 accounting firms worldwide. I spent some time climbing the corporate ladder and passed the CPA exam. This took several attempts and years for me to pass, and it was not without a great amount of persistence + determination. I finally found myself at a private equity firm, managing teams and multiple portfolios of assets worth millions of dollars. As a result, thirteen years of hard work, dedication, and accountability.

I am familiar with what you are experiencing in your life, as I have been in your shoes not too long ago. For years, I struggled with feeling lethargic, struggling with holding unwanted weight, and scrambling to figure out what + how to eat. I tried various sports, including running a number of marathons and half marathons with the logic that: hours logged running and sweating might melt away my unwanted pounds. This mentality and activity of overdoing it eventually led to tendinitis in both of my feet.

During this time, I spent hours behind a desk, in a vicious cycle of never ending to-do lists that left me at the office 7 days a week. I would get sick frequently + always felt run down. In my own way, I attempted to be “healthy,” but the NYC lifestyle of wining and dining would always seem to win. I felt I earned this time, as it was my release and a way to unwind from my hard work.

Reality hit me hard, as my body was breaking down while running on autopilot.

Fast-forward to today, I took an interest in my health. I became the CEO of my body + I own my choices. I realized the parallel between my health + my own personal financial choices. I became a certified nutrition coach. I figured, why not give science a chance and see if I could dig in a bit deeper to why I hold extra weight? I started getting smarter with food choices and meal prepping. I learned strategies to manage my stress and incorporated breaks in my day. I lost over 20 lbs. and am by far healthier today, at the age of 34, than I was at the age of 24! In a way, I am growing younger.

I work with clients, coaching them on nutrition and lifestyle habits. Leading by example, I teach clients to own their lives starting in their kitchen. I will teach you: what food is, how to simplify eating + become more mindful, how to cook, which tools to use, kitchen organization, how to navigate through the grocery store and last but not least, how to reset your palate making it easier to find nutrition that works for you.

I work with clients in my home studio, which I share with my fiancé, Fred Moura, owner of Shifting NYC, Inc. Fred is a Movement Coach, Massage Therapist and a Nutrition Coach. We team up with clients and become their Personal Wellness Team. I also work with clients online and locally here in NYC.

I look forward to hearing from you and working together on helping you create your best self!

With Love + Inspiration + Gratitude,



If you feel ready to begin, contact me to identify:

  • what you want to accomplish
  • how we can help you get there step by step


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