My name is Liz King, a NYC based Life Strategist, helping men + women find patience and ease in the kitchen and with their nutrition & lifestyle habits. You matter, your food matters, your future matters. Learn how to create balance in your life, while taking action steps to instil  purposeful life-lasting skills. Are you ready to create bliss in your life?


    • Getting into the best shape of your life by looking good, feeling great, and reducing body aches + pains
    • Clarity on how to build your pantry with nutritious foods that serve your body + energize your lifestyle
    • Understanding how to reset your palate to crave whole + nutritious foods
    • Dietary freedom
    • Accountability + a trusted support system
    • Balancing your plate just like you balance your checkbook

    And, most importantly, you desire...

    • Sustainable life skilss + habits that suit your nutrition goals, once and for all!


    You never quite learned how to enjoy foods that are good for you, or how to cook. You may have an unpleasant experience from childhood that keeps you away from childhood that keeps you away from trying new foods as an adult.

    • You are not quite sure how to remove unhealthy food blocks standing in your way of progress. You can actually see how this works against you each time you attempt to eat healthy.


    • Make time for others, and always put yourself last?
    • Are not planning ahead, and find yourself not prioritizing your health?
    • Think you don't have time for self-care, working out, or eating healthy?
    • Are feeling stuck in a dietary rut, always attempting the latest fad diet?
    • Fall victim to Nutritionism, and find it super confusing to figure out what to eat and how much, when large corporations blast captivating marketing campaigns telling us to eat their products?
    • Are you feeling confused where to start on you nutrition journey?

    If you are feeling blocked from progress on your nutritional path, it is time to reconsider how you are attempting this, and it it time to change.