At the age of 11, I found my home in the kitchen, cooking for my 5 siblings and parents after my Mom had a major surgical intervention. This became an opportunity, as my foundation and love for being in the kitchen nourishing those around me was formed.

Cooking my way through college, I majored in Accounting. I interned and landed a job at one of the top 4 accounting firms worldwide. I spent time climbing the corporate ladder and passed the CPA exam. This took several attempts and years for me to pass, and it was not without a great amount of persistence + determination. I finally found myself at a private equity firm, managing teams and multiple portfolios of assets worth millions of dollars. As a result, 13 years of hard work, dedication, and accountability.

I’m familiar with what you’re experiencing in your life, as I have been in your shoes not too long ago. For years, I struggled with feeling lethargic, holding unwanted weight, & scrambled to figure out what to eat. I tried various sports, including running marathons with the logic that: hours logged running and sweating might melt away my unwanted pounds. This mentality of overdoing it eventually led to tendinitis in both of my feet.

During this time, I spent hours behind a desk, in a vicious cycle of never ending to-do lists that left me at the office 7 days a week. I would get sick frequently & always felt run down. In my own way, I attempted to be “healthy,” but the NYC lifestyle of wining and dining always seemed to win. I felt I earned this time, as it was my release and a way to unwind from my hard work.

Reality hit me hard, as my body was breaking down while running on autopilot.

Fast-forward to today, I took an interest in my health. I became the CEO of my body & I own my choices. I realized the parallel between my health & my own personal financial choices. I became a certified Master Level Nutrition Coach, as well as a certified Whole Food Plant-Based Chef. I figured, why not give science a chance and see if I could dig in a bit deeper to why I hold extra weight and am sick all the time? I started getting smarter with food choices, meal prepping & became a better cook. I learned strategies to manage my stress and incorporated breaks in my day, no matter how long my get-to-do list grows. I lost over 25 lbs. and am by far healthier today, at the age of 35, than I was at the age of 25! I feel myself more youthful than ever as I’m growing younger!

I work directly in the kitchen, improving your nutrition and lifestyle choices. Leading by example, I teach you to own your life starting in the kitchen. You will learn: food as the pathway to optimal health, simplifying eating & how to be mindful; how to organize your kitchen with tools you actually use, creating simple meals fast; how to navigate through the grocery store, buying food you’ll actually eat; and last but not least, how to reset your palate making it easier to decide exactly how to fuel yourself.

I work in my home studio, which I share with my husband, Fred Moura, owner of Shifting NYC, Inc. Fred is a Movement Coach, Massage Therapist and fellow Nutrition Chef. We team up with some of our clients and become their Personal Wellness Team, as well as coach couples over at TwofoTwo. I also work with clients online and locally here in NYC.

Let’s cook together to invest in your best self, prevent disease, and promote longevity!

In Health & With Grace,

Liz King


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