Discover a whole food + healthy habit approach to your nutrition.

Plates + Pennie$ is a strategic & supportive program created to instill sustainable nutrition + lifestyle habits in your life. If you understand the value of investing in your future financially, then you might also realize the value of investing in your physical self today. The food, or energy source, we consume is currency for our bodies. If you want to finally be free from yo-yo dieting, this program is for you.

Are you putting worthy deposits in your body's bank account, supporting your future self?

Dear Transformation Seeker,

You probably found yourself here because you seek change in your life. Maybe you want to figure out how to have more energy in your day, lose weight, or learn how to have a more restful night’s sleep. As a high achiever, you spend a lot of your time earning a good living, and already know how to make it work for your future.

But, when it comes to taking care of your health, you find it challenging. You may find it overwhelming to walk into the grocery store and try to figure out what to eat or how much to cook. You pick up groceries for the week, with no real plan to enjoy them. There they sit a week later untouched and some items spoiled.

Each New Year's, you pledge: this is the year I will get fit, healthy, and start investing in my future self. But, you kick off January to a great start, only to find yourself getting caught up in your job, family, and life and find yourself spiraling off the new path you were hoping for year after year. See you again next year, New Year’s resolution.  

I am thrilled you found yourself here today, because today is the best day to make a commitment with yourself. Your future is shaped by your willingness and ability to support yourself today. No more waiting or putting yourself off any longer. Investing in yourself may turn out to be one of the most profitable investments you will ever make. Support yourself for a lifetime of return on your investment by creating skills that enable the healthiest + best version of you!

Welcome to Bliss in the Kitchen, where you will learn to create ease + simplicity to make thoughtful nutritional + lifestyle skills a part of your life. Learn strategies to instill life lasting habits for the life you dream to live. Ideally, you will learn to fuel your body the same way you fuel your bank account.

Join me for a tremendous amount of accountability + support to learn how to convert unwanted pounds and funnel it into purposeful savings, bringing Bliss into your life.

Let’s get your body in the same healthy shape as your bank account!


Do yourself a favor…
take a deep breath…

You have been on this path before + you have a curious mind with a hunger for change.

The answers are within your reach. You can look forward to clarity + a well thought out future from this point onward.


I’m Liz King, a CPA, with 13 years experience in Corporate America, a Certified Financial Coach, a Certified Nutrition Coach, and a home chef for over 20 years. I am here to be your accountability partner + trusted support system. I want to help you create bliss in your life by inspiring you to establish life lasting nutrition habits just like the savvy financial skills you are quite familiar with already.

I left my fast paced corporate job, so I can help more people like you accomplish your health goals. There is no reason you need to keep spinning your wheels, or put yourself off till after your next birthday, or till you receive your next blood test results. It starts with you. It begins with your commitment to your future self. And, I am here to tell you: You can do it too! You can have a body that fuels your dreams just like your financial choices show the value of your hard work.

What can I expect from working with Bliss:

Learn a whole food + healthy habit approach to eating

  • Learn to notice + name your hunger cues

  • Understand + satisfy cravings

  • Discover foods you love that nourish your body

  • Learn how food is medicine, to fuel your body for your lifestyle

  • Develop an action plan

  • Identify + understand what has worked, and realize what has not

  • Learn to prep your food, and get started cooking in the kitchen

  • Soothe the fear of eating or overindulging

  • Never diet again + remove food blocks

Overall, create a better relationship with food + your nutrition. Support your future self, the same way you do financially.

Educate yourself + Find what works = Make progress

My clients love to work with me because I am down to earth, compassionate, and creative when it comes to our work together. I am enthusiastic about keeping them progressing and moving forward towards their goals. I am an engaged listener and observer. I serve to inspire them and give them the tools and techniques to follow through with ease.

The Modules

The most important takeaways you will learn:


It starts with where you are today. You will be introduced to a healthy habit approach, tackling one habit at a time. We will explore your current lifestyle, acknowledging current behaviors, and define where you would like to go on this journey. You will develop mindfulness skills at the table and begin to notice and name your hunger level and satiety cues, as well as gain insight into habits you have in other areas of your life, which are transferrable to your health.


You will come up with purposeful goals that relate to your specific nutrition goals. You will gain clarity on what works for you by flexing your cooking skills. Action steps will be given to you.


Create a flow that works for you by automating certain tasks, and carving out the time to create ease. Discover the best times for you to bring fresh food home and minimize food waste. Create new habits, replacing old habits that did not serve you.


Although, I take your health + wealth very seriously, I will give you plenty of lessons and exercises to have fun! You will thrive by practicing small daily successes, and learning how to anticipate obstacles, which will inevitably come your way.


The Logistics

In three months with me, you will receive:

Nutrition Habits:

  • Weekly training modules that delve into each habit, including video and uniquely designed workbooks.

  • Structure, checklists, and templates to help get you organized.

One-on-One Support:

  • Full email access to Liz. Submit your questions or concerns ahead of time for more productive sessions.

  • 2 monthly 45-minute sessions where you will receive 1:1 guidance by Liz + discuss strategies to help you see your goals come to fruition.

Group accountability:

  • A private and exclusive Facebook support group to connect with other transformation seekers on their nutrition journey.

  • Additional access to Liz by posting your questions in the private forum.


Client Love

Here's what peeps are saying...

When I started working with Liz in August of 2016, I had three goals in my mind: organizing my earnings, lose weight, and review my learning’s from a nutrition certification dated from 2013. I really thought I “knew” what was coming, but the experience went beyond my expectations.

With compassion and intelligence, Liz guided me to close doors that I used to tap as a quick fix, giving me new options to rethink all my habits in life. Like a scientist, she used my data of habits to backup my progression, which kept me on track and highly motivated me throughout the year.

The outcome, besides 20 lbs. down, was a deeper connection with my body and awareness of my choices in life for myself and my family. Thanks to her, I now understand that the result is the journey and the sum of my daily choices. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
— Fred M. ~ 42 years young

The biggest achievement I gained while working with Bliss is responsibility. Responsibility for my actions, my thoughts, my intention. This and more has moved me to position myself to be the best me everyday. At the end of the program, I shed 19 lbs., I became a personal trainer, and am pursuing drawing and writing which I hadn’t pursued since college - a 9 year hiatus.

Along with teaching me mindfulness of my thoughts and nutrition, she helped me apply these same responsibilities to my finances! Headaches be gone, traveling funds accumulated, savings are flowing.

I’m so thankful Bliss is a constant rock. No matter where I was, I had the opportunity to be met where I was and take necessary steps to see what or where I was blinded. After all this year, I feel I am prepared to take on life with zest and resilience. I’m forever grateful for your grace, Liz.
— Matt K. ~ 30 years young, Winner of 2017 PN Body Transformation Contest


  • Receive a Welcome Package to kick start your journey.

  • Kitchen Makeover Guide to clear out some of the chaos that may be distracting you from progress, and quite possibly bring in some new items to help create a flow.

  • Receive a Bonus 30-minute Phone Call to check in after you have completed your 3 months together with Liz.

What happens after you apply

When you're onboard to work with Liz, you'll be sent a Confirmation Email with your start date + your Welcome Package

Next, you will log on to the Acuity Scheduler to book six 45-Minute Coaching Sessions for your 3-month journey, as well as your bonus maintenance call in month 4.

What makes this program different

Working with me is not an ordinary endeavor. It's a life transforming experience that does require you to show up and do your part. I am with you each step of the way, encouraging and assisting you with accountability and dedication for your goals.

At Bliss in the Kitchen, we think about the big picture here, the long term. Eating unhealthy food will cost you a heck of a lot more in the long run.

We do not diet. We teach food awareness + personal financial education and how to make sustainable choices for each unique individual.

We measure performance, without judgment. As what we measure and acknowledge tends to get better over time and reflection.

No matter how many times you have tried in the past, with consistent + persistent effort, and trusting in the process, you will see your goals through.

This program is for Men + Women...

  • Ready + willing + able for life transformation

  • Who want to break free from the cycle of dieting + fluctuating weight

  • Ready to roll up your sleeves + acknowledge the state of your health

  • Ready to take action in your life + are open to trying a new way of tackling your health, using the same mindset you have with your wealth

  • Who want to learn efficiency with meal prep + cooking skills

  • Who desire to become the best version of yourself, for you + your family

  • Who are open to a new relationship with food

  • Who recognize change is a skill

This program is not for...

  • Anyone under medical care for a serious or terminal medical condition

  • Anyone looking for financial investment advice because I am not a stockbroker, but I can help you shape up your financial habits

  • Anyone who is lazy, admit that you are just not ready to commit or take action in your life, as you will not see the desired results


You can keep doing it the same old way, living your life the way it is right now, but…

Where will you be if you don’t take action 1 year, in 10 years, in 30+ years? Our bodies require energy, and there is no question that your energy levels don’t affect the results you have in your life + with your relationships.

Health is a commitment, and not an option. Preventative health is the new wealth. If you lose sight of how you consume resources today, years of unhealthy habits will inevitably come to the surface. It is just a matter of time.

Plant seeds in your life, and watch them grow in a direction with intention.


I have never worked with a coach. How does this work and what is the program schedule like?
You will work through 1 habit at a time for a period of 2 weeks. Participating in this program does require a commitment of your time to complete your lessons. We will move together at a progressive pace, discussing your progress on our bi-monthly sessions. Any questions you have along the way can be emailed to your coach for guidance in between sessions.

How often are the modules released?
Modules are released each Monday for 12 consecutive weeks. You will receive an email link to Dropbox, which will contain your weekly modules.

How do I change a scheduled session?
You may log on to scheduler and change the time of your appointment up to 48 hours prior to the allotted time. After 48 hours, you are obligated to attend the session or you will lose the session.

Can I pause my package?
As this is a habit-based program, it requires your full 3-month commitment.

Any questions not answered here?
You can contact Liz directly:
Or, submit a question through our contact page.